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The Latch

Fibreglass BoatSnare


Aluminium BoatSnare

Heavy Duty Snare

Note:- In the US a large portion of aluminium boats have an eye bolt like the fibreglass boats, so the fibreglass snare is the choice.
This unit can be used on both Fibreglass and Aluminium boats. In the case of aluminium you need to have plate weld in for mounting. Only intended for large boats.
This is just an overview. Full detail is available under “Before you Install” & “Installing
Aluminium Boat Snare


Note - Rope Diverter for old version of Aluminium Snare
Avoiding rope catching up between snare and bowIf the snare is mounted on the boat and there is a gap that a rope can be caught in occasionally (especially if a thin rope is used) then here is a way to avoid this issue.
This uses a piece of stiff plastic tube - see details here.

Swapping the Winch Post
Consider the Easytow Boat Trailer options...made for Boat Latch.
More detail here
There are a lot of variations in Winch Posts/Winch Tops out there. Some at odd angles.A lot of the trailer people have other Post variations that you could swap to, or in so many cases another suppliers Post will fit your trailer.