Reel Crankie


Engineering: The tool body is made from aircraft quality 6061 billet (block) aluminium.  Internal hardware is made of a durable corrosion-resistant 303 stainless steel for salt and fresh water use.

Design: Our Reel Crankie is designed to be attached directly to the existing reel handle mechanism.  You simply slide it on and rotate the gold-knurled-ring to lock onto reel.  Quick on and off.

The 15 degree flexible shaft, with universal type joint, extending from the Reel Crankie is then attached to a hand-held 3/8 in., battery powered drill.  This quick-action design gives you the ability to use the Reel Crankie in a rocking boat or a situation where you want to crank line back on your reel a deep depth.  Off-shore fishermen are using the Reel Crankie for deep-dropping with Swordfish, Snapper, and Grouper.

The small size and portability allows you to re-spool your reel at home or on the boat.  One size fits a number of similar model reels from the same maker.

This product is not used to fight the fish, only to retrieve the bait and drop-weight so as not to have to manually re-wind the line back on the reel from a deep depth.



reel-crankie-3-small.jpg  reel-crankie-mounting.jpg


  • # 1 - REEL CRANKIE  fits: SHIMANO  TIAGRA  80-W and 50-W reels also GRAPHITE 50-W and 50-W LRS model will also fit: NEW MODEL  20-A and  30-A graphite  trolling reel
  • # 3 - REEL CRANKIE  fits: SHIMANO TIAGRA 130 reel 
  • # 4 - REEL CRANKIE  fits: older styles of PENN REELS, also fits size 30 reel, size 30 w reel & size 50 reel and size 50 w reel and fits two speed 30-& 50 w models 
  • # 5 - REEL CRANKIE  fits: PENN REELS 30 T and 30 TW, not two speed models reels
  • # 6 - REEL CRANKIE  fits: PENN 80 TW and 80 T reels, not two speed models reels
  • # 7 - REEL CRANKIE  fits: PENN old style gold handle 2 speed reels 80 W and 80 regular reels 
  • # 8 - REEL CRANKIE  fits: NEW PENN MODEL 70 VS and 80 VS model reels    
  • # 9 - REEL CRANKIE  fits: NEW PENN MODEL 30 and 50 VS reels
  • # Talica - Talica Reels

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