Sea Drift Anchor

Sea Drift Anchor - Sea Parachute

Sea Drift Anchor is a deployable parachute made specifically to allow a Boat in deep water to behave similarly to one that is conventionally anchored, keeping the effects of the wind to a minimum and therefore able to Hold a position.

  • Aids in fishing results, moving with the Fish instead of being sent wildly astray by wind
  • When used in an emergency can help control wind affected drift and Hold the Bow to wind and sea and preventing blown far away from a search area
  • Helps prevent capsizing in adverse weather conditions
  • Stores in a compact soft pack for easy stowage

Sizes to suite boats

  • Size 3 - dingy 
  • Size 4 - up to 4.5
  • Size 7 - 4.5m to 6..5m
  • Size 9 - 6.5m to 9m boats
  • Size 12 - 30 foot to 36 foot
  • Size 15 - vessels up to 65 foot

Note: Not recommended for yachtsmen in storm conditions.