Downriggers - Cannon

There's an excellent why Cannon downriggers have changed the way hundreds of thousands of anglers fish all over the country. Cannon downriggers allow you to place the right lure at the right depth at the right time - and keep it there until a fish strikes.

How do these work? Sometimes when you're angling in deep water, your line can end up floating towards the surface, away from the Fish. A Downrigger weighs down the line and also identifies what depth it is sitting at, so you can position it right alongside your catch, while you troll.To use, attach the weight to your downrigger wire and connect it to the fishing line with a pinch release, before placing your rod into the holder. Once your Fishfinder has identified where the fish are, lower your line to that depth with the Downrigger line counter telling you exactly how deep you are. As the weight lowers, your fishing line will bend.


Whilst Trolling, the Downrigger keeps your line at the set depth and allows it to move naturally through the water. On some models, you can also cycle the weight up and down to cover a larger area.

Once the fish takes the lure, the pinch release lets go of the fishing line and your rod will spring up, ready for you to reel it in. Please note that you do not have to reel in the Downrigger''s weight when trying to secure your catch - this is a common misconception with Downriggers.

Downriggers are not to be confused with Outriggers which essentially do the opposite in lifting your lure up above the bubble stream being put out by your Propeller. While Downriggers Hold your line down at a constant depth, keeping it where the fish are.