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Stern Saver Australia

Stern Saver - First Ever Glue-On StarBoard Transducer Mounting System

The Stern Saver is the world’s first glue-on high density polyethylene transducer mounting block.

Made from genuine King Starboard.

Swap transducers without putting unwanted holes in your boat below the water line.

It’s also a great mount for switches, fuel separators, live well and bilge pumps and more! Great for larger transducers and side imaging transducers and 50% stronger bond than the Mini Stern Saver.

Installation kit included with each Stern Saver.

Available in four colours to best match your boat, Black, Bright White, Grey, and Ivory. 100% Made in the USA.

Easy Installation

  1. Prep area and stick on mounting spike
  2. Dispense glue into the Stern Saver
  3. Stick it on your boat
  4. Mount transducer or other accessories


The Stern Saver is the World’s Trusted and Durable Transducer Mounting System

  • allows for unlimited adjustment and fine tuning of your sonar placement on your transom without ever drilling a single hole
  • can be drilled and re-drilled in case you don’t find the “sweet spot” the first time or change brands of sonar down the road
  • improves resale value of your boat by not scaring potential buyers away because of the damage of drilling holes in your boat causes
  • fabricated from King StarBoard, the toughest most durable marine grade plastic available, not injection moulded plastic, so it will last the lifetime of your boat
  • the only brand of transducer mount trusted by all of the best boating and fishing retailers in the world
  • the only transducer mount available in four colours and two sizes to best match your boat
  • easy to install in ten minutes or less, requires no tools and includes everything you need to install it
  • protects your investment by preventing transom rot, water logged foam cores, other issues caused by water infiltration
  • can even prevent your boat from capsizing or sinking due to water infiltration into the bilge causing  your boat to become unstable
  • installation kit includes the strongest marine-grade adhesive for a reliable bond to aluminium and fiberglass boats

What’s Included in the Stern Saver Transducer Mounting System Kit?

The kit contents are as follows:

  • One High Density Polyethylene (StarBoard) block
  • One two-part adhesive containing static mixing syringe
  • One mounting spike
  • One mounting template
  • Four alcohol prep pads
  • One piece of sandpaper
  • One pair of rubber gloves
  • One instruction booklet



Can the Stern Saver be removed in the future?

Yes, but not that easily. It must be cut off with a thin kerf pull saw found at most hardware stores for $30 or less. Since the bond between the Stern Saver and your boat is supposed to be permanent, it is not supposed to be removed. It should be though of as a permanent extension of the boat. If you must remove the Stern Saver from your boat please refer to the removal instructions and purchase a removal shield to protect your boat’s gel coat during removal.

Can the Stern Saver be re-drilled if I want to replace my transducer in the future?

Absolutely. You can either re-use existing holes in the Stern Saver from previous transducers by simply using 3/4″ long or shorter screws of a larger diameter than the previous screws. For example, if you previously had a device mounted using a 3/4″ #8 screw, then upsize to a 3/4″ #6 screw. If you do not want to re-use existing holes you can also just move the new mounting location to the left or right an inch of so.

What can I mount to a Stern Saver?

The Stern Saver was originally designed to provide a mounting surface for sonar transducers. It has also proven useful as a mount for many other devices such as bilge pumps, live well pumps, fuel separators, battery switches and more. The Stern Saver is not to be used to mount grab rails, any structural or heavy devices over 5 pounds.

How does it work?

You first determine where you are going to install your transducer of accessory. Then you clean and prep the area of the hull. Load the Stern Saver with adhesive, stick it on the boat, and secure it in place with masking tape. After 4-6 hours you are ready to mount your transducer or accessory using a 3/4″ or shorter self-tapping stainless steel screws.

I thought StarBoard or polyethylene plastic cannot be bonded to anything using adhesives?

Not any more. At Stern Saver, we have ‘cracked the code’ on bonding polyethylene to surfaces like gel coat, aluminum and more. Our patent pending design, as well as our specially formulated marine adhesive ensures a permanent bond to your boats hull. We use the highest quality adhesive available on Earth. We do not supply a lanyard with our product like some of our competitors do. We are confident that when installed properly, your Stern Saver will offer years of reliable use.