Lowrance Hook2

Lowrance Hook2


Easy to find fish and easy to afford

The HOOK² Series of fish finders and fish finder/chartplotter combos boasts features and functions normally found on high-end fish-finding gear but at prices that are easy to afford. DownScan, SideScan, GPS navigation and premium chartplotting are now available for the economically conscious angler.

These beefed-up features give an accurate depiction of the underwater environment on expanded widescreen displays, including structure, bait location, fish location and size, along with GPS navigation and mapping capabilities – all with a transducer that comes in the box. Never before has a fish finder delivered so much functionality. It is definitely the best fish finder for the money, especially for a smaller boat, kayak, and ice anglers.

Easy to operate

Lowrance brings simplicity with the HOOK² Series. Ready for the water right out of the box and easily installed, the series’ smartphone-like menu creates instant familiarity for anglers toggling between pre-programed pages. HOOK² offers side-by-side displaying of different pages and allows you to simply and quickly customize pages to your personal preferences.

With many anglers seeking to concentrate more on fishing rather than continuously tinkering with adjustments, the HOOK2 Series’ sonar has been fully automated. The HOOK2 eliminates the hassle of fine-tuning sonar with one sonar setting to create more visible fish arches while still maintaining clarity and target separation.

2X the Sonar Coverage

HOOK² brings additional value by producing a wider sonar cone for more than twice the sonar coverage of traditional fish finders. This expanded coverage makes it easier to see fish and track lures and bait as they fall through the water column.

From seasoned anglers to those just getting started, HOOK² provides the greatest value for anglers stretching their hard-earned dollars. By offering top-of-the-line features in easy-to-use units, HOOK² simply makes it easier to find more fish.