Bocatech Livewell Timer Module Kit

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LiveWell Timer Module Kit

Our new LiveWell Timer Module Kit is unique in that it can monitor in real time 2 pumps independently. 

Capable of controlling 2 pumps simultaneously (aereator & recirculating), this module provides 3 timer modes which can be applied individually to either pump, providing optimum control of the LiveWell system. 

In conjunction with Bocatech’s 5 Amp, bi-color switches (included), it is possible to know at a glance the operational status and the Timer Mode setting applied. In other words, if a pump fails, a visual (flashing red) and audible indication activates.

The LiveWell Timer Module Kit provides everything you need: 2 BTSSSS-5MBL/R mini LED switches & a piezo (12V, 100 milliamps).


  • Two pump system (up to 5 Amps each)

  • Three Timer Modes:
    1 min On - 6 min Off=blue
    3 min On - 4 min Off=blue flashing
    On all the time=red

  • Visual alarm (flashing red)

  • Audio alarm (12 Volts 100mA)

  • Monitors pumps in real time

  • 12/24VDC battery system

  • Solid state

Input voltage range 120/240VAC
Maximum load current 60A
Dimensions - Inches/mm L x W x H 1.83 / 0.95 / 1.36 46.48 / 24.13 / 34.54
Weight - oz/g 4 / 113.39