Cannon Mini Troll Manual Downrigger-CLEARANCE

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Cannon Mini Troll Downrigger

Cannon Mini Troll Downrigger is ideally suited to live baiting or Trolling for Trout, Tailor, Salmon and many other estuarine, lake or shallow reef Species in light Currentconditions. Cannon’s portable Mini-Troll downrigger mounts easily to Transom,Gunwale or rail to 63mm (2.5”) wide with its ‘C’ clamp base. Screw down control mounted in centre of spool governs free spool friction for controlled deployment and retrieval. 

  • Imperial depth counter located on Boom end.
  • Versatile “C” clamp base
  • 12" Lexan Boom and Lexan Spool
  • Pre spooled with 30m (100’) of test 54kg (120lb) Stainless Steel wire.
  • Saltwater resistant construction