Hydrodrive Hydraulic Steering Kit - MF155W (Max 150HP)

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Hydrodrive Hydraulic Steering Kit (Max 150HP)

Hydrodrive MF155W Outboard Hydraulic Steering Kit to 150 HP is an easy to install kit made to replace your old cable steering with a smooth positive steering set up.

  • Suits most outboard motors with tube mount up to 150HP (Suzuki motors will require extension adaptors)
  • Kit provides all components needed
  • 16cc Pump is hardened, hot press aluminium. Max 60 bar
  • Adonised and painted pump house, precision CNC manufactured
  • 71cc, 210m Stroke cylinder is made from cold drawn, hardened adonised and painted aluminium
  • 4.6 turns Hardover to Hardover
  • 270kg output force
  • 57kgf torque
  • 55kts max speed
  • Includes lock valve, suitable for Autopilot installations