SeaStar Solutions CCX633 XTREME Premium Control Cable - Black 18ft

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SeaStar Solutions CCX633 XTREME Premium Control Cable - Black Traditional cables vary by the stiffness of the core wire and how tightly it fits in the casing. Thus the classic trade-offs that have existed in control cable design are: Stiffer core/tighter fit — offers less lost motion, but is harder to move. With longer and more complex runs, cable movement becomes progressively more difficult. More flexible core/looser fit — has an easier feel, but has more lost motion. This approach leads to an overall sloppy feel, RPM variation or difficult gear engagement. These trade-offs aren’t an issue with XTREME cables because they are different - really different XTREME’s unique design incorporates a patent-pending splined core. Ridges on the core allow a close fit with the cable’s inner liner, but with minimum contact, so the core glides back and forth smoothly like a skater on ice. RESULT: a control cable with easy movement AND minimum lost motion. Specification: Particularly suited to complex routing and longer runs Fits directly into SeaStar Solutions controls and all controls that accept universal type cables Stainless steel and chrome brass end fittings. 10-32 UNF threads Nominal 75mm travel Flexible multi-strand galvanised steel core with splined jacket 100mm minimum bend radius Parallel lay wire strand reinforced outer jacket for superior strength and flexibility Suits stern drives, inboards and outboards Ideal for multi-station and longer run installations Wire strand reinforced outer jacket, 8.6mm outside diameter * Please note, BLA-303360 and BLA-303364 are special order items and can take 6-8 weeks for delivery. Part NumberLength BLA-303310 3.05m (10ft) BLA-303311 3.35m (11ft) BLA-303312 3.66m (12ft) BLA-303313 3.96m (13ft) BLA-303314 4.27m (14ft) BLA-303315 4.57m (15ft) BLA-303316 4.88m (16ft) BLA-303317 5.18m (17ft) BLA-303318 5.49m (18ft) BLA-303319 5.76m (19ft) BLA-303320 6.10m (20ft) BLA-303321 6.40m (21ft) BLA-303322 6.71m (22ft) BLA-303323 7.01m (23ft) BLA-303324 7.32m (24ft) BLA-303325 7.62m (25ft) BLA-303326 7.92m (26ft) BLA-303327 8.23m (27ft) BLA-303328 8.53m (28ft) BLA-303329 8.84m (29ft) BLA-303330 9.14m (30ft) BLA-303332 9.75m (32ft) BLA-303334 10.36m (34ft) BLA-303336 10.97m (36ft) BLA-303338 11.58m (38ft) BLA-303340 12.19m (40ft) BLA-303342 12.80m (42ft) BLA-303344 13.41m (44ft) BLA-303346 14.02m (46ft) BLA-303348 14.63m (48ft) BLA-303350 15.24m (50ft) BLA-303352 15.85m (52ft) BLA-303354 16.46m (54ft) BLA-303356 17.07m (56ft) BLA-303358 17.68m (58ft) BLA-303360 18.29m (60ft) BLA-303362 18.91m (62ft) BLA-303364 19.51m (64ft) BLA-303366 20.12m (66ft) BLA-303368 20.72m (68ft) BLA-303370 21.34m (70ft) BLA-303372 21.95m (72ft) How to Choose the Right 3300/33C Series Cable SeaStar Solutions offers five models of universal 3300 series type cables, each suited to certain operating conditions and installation parameters. Below are key variables that affect how cables perform: Backlash: the lost motion between the amount of movement put in (input end of the cable) and the amount of movement which occurs at the output end of the cable. Some motion is generally lost in ‘take up’ between the inner wire (core) of the cable and the outer casing (conduit). Backlash manifests itself as free play (slop) felt at the control handle. Efficiency: the percentage of input force that is transmitted through the cable as output force. For example, if a 10-pound force was exerted on the cable at its input end and resulted in the cable exerting an 8-pound output force, the cable would be 80% efficient. Breakaway: the ‘feel’ of the cable when put into motion; the breakaway threshold is the force that must be applied to the cables input end before something happens at the output end. An example of excessive breakaway; a control that would have to be moved to half-throttle before the engine responded. Cable Routing: the shorter and straighter the cable routing, the better the cable will perform. With increased length and bends, cable efficiency is reduced, while breakaway and backlash rise. Environment: generally, the more rugged the cable construction, the longer the cable will last. In harsh environments such as heavy salt and U.V. exposure, control cables with thicker conduits and stainless steel fittings will generally outlast those with thinner conduits and brass or steel fittings. Cable design, manufacturing tolerances, length and installation care are additional factors to consider. 33 Series Cable TypeBacklashBreak Away/EfficiencyLong/Complex RoutingsHarsh Environment CCX633 Superior Superior Superior Superior