Blue Seas M2 OLED Digital Voltmeter - 2 Circuits

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Blue Seas M2 OLED Digital Voltmeters

Blue Seas M2 OLED Digital Voltmeters measure Voltage for either AC or DC systems.

BS-1833 monitors DC Voltage of up to four battery banks; where BS-1837 monitors the Voltage of your AC system (measuring 2 independent circuits - 120/240V - or 1 double phase circuit.)

The M2 Monitor includes a MOSFET External Circuit Relay which can be used to control external circuits based on any value measured by the M2.

BS-1833 (DC) Voltmeter

  • Measures Voltage for up to four battery banks
  • Function: 8 to 70V DC
  • Resolution: 0.01V DC

BS-1837 (AC) Voltmeter

  • Measures Voltage for 2 independent circuits - 120/240V - or 1 double phase circuit
  • Function: 50 to 250V DC
  • Resolution: 1V DC

Specifications for both:

  • IP66 waterproof rating
  • Auto-dimming LED display: 55mm x 28mm
  • 80dB alarm on all models
  • Alarm: High and Low Voltage
  • Isolated 500mA MOSFET relay
  • Mounts in 54mm hole
  • Range: -500 to 500amps
  • Max. Consumption: 1w