Furuno NavPilot 300 FANTUM Autopilot c/w Gesture Controller (less Rudder Reference unit & Heading Sensor)

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Furuno NavPilot 300 FANTUM Autopilot c/w Gesture Controller (less Rudder Reference unit & Heading Sensor)

The coolest way to steer your boat !

With the NAVpilot 300’s unique Gesture Controller, Fantum Feedback™ steering and self-learning software, you will enjoy a whole new level of navigation with ease and peace of mind !


SABIKI™ mode the newest innovative way to navigate. (available int the FurunoNAVpilot-300 and NAVpilot-700 Series)

SABIKI™ mode enables a pilot to take control while you are drifting aft. Leaving you able to concentrate on your specific goats - FISHING instead of steering. Moving astern at a slow pace the SABIKI™ mode is exclusively personalized for sabiki fishing, jigging and fishing for sea bed dwelling species.

With the SABIKI™mode operating directions are able to be maintained kept just by fine-tuning the throttle toggle.

In order to keep the same direction, it is not adequate to just reverse the engine and move backwards, the steering system needs to be addressed also and monitored to stay on route direction.   This mode SABIKI™ mode is only able to be used on vessels with outboard engines. Is compatible with EVC systems

The NAVpilot autopilots possess ability to work in conjuction with the Seastar Optimus 360 Joysticks units, along with Volvo Penta IPS, Yamaha Helm MasterTM, Yanmar 8LV engine setups on your vessel.

One of the amazing features is the adaptive computer software enabling self learning.

Every situation where the vessel goes out to sea, the software absorbs information automatically regarding the current sea conditions and then determines and calculates the best steering needs and adjusts accordingly for super smooth steering.

FANTUM Feedback™

Fantum Feedback is a menu-selectable feature available in the latest NAVpilot-300 and NAVpilot-700 series software. This software has been engineered and simulated on a many different outboard vessels that have hydraulic steering and reversing pump control.

The Fantum Response reaches accurate course control, from relaxed trolling speeds to shooting across the ocean at high-speed utilizing a newly developed gain process, rather than the old rudder angle based control units.

Furuno's NAVpilot 300 software namely inchFantum Feedback inch clears the way for a seamless installation, bringing enhanced control at the helm with steering. Importantly, outboard installs do not require use of a physical rudder feedback unit with this technoglogy of Fantum Feedback, NAVpilot.

•           Simple to install based on the smart network system -NMEA2000 certified

•           The IP55 Processing unit is fully Waterproof Processing Unit as is the IP56 Control Unit (IP56)


The SAFE HELM temporally switches the NAVpilot to manual steering for a specified time intermission.

The POWER ASSIST decreases steering unit difficulty and costs. Fuel consumption is less and far more economical.

The POWER ASSIST is a exclusive helm-activated supported steering feature that can boost and feasibly substitute isolated high usage power engine-driven power steering systems on many boats.

POWER ASSIST lessens steering system complication and decreases fuel usage while saving on fuel costs. An economical system indeed. *Requires FPS8 Power Steering Module

 •           Various Display modes

NAVpilot-300 has a wide variety of display choices, which in turn gives you all the necessary data you will require for your journey. This unit has seamless menu and graphics simple to the user. Whether it’s digital or analog. Another great feature of NAVpilot-300 it the ability to swap between day/night graphics for clear views at any conditions or time of day.

 •           Navigation modes

 •          NavNet TZtouch2 Full Control (V6.1 coming soon)

The NavNet TZtouch2 v6.1 computer software or any later versions,offers complete control of the NAVpilot-300. With the unique ability for the modes to changed or the course adjusted. The captain can change installation settings, function parameters and use Fish Hunter™ modes at their leisure with ease of use. Using with a With NavNet TZtouch 2 MDFs (TZTL12F/15F and TZT2BB) as chief control units, you are able to have total control of the autopilot.  



Display - 4.1 inch Color LCD
Effective Display Area - 85.2 (W) x 85.2 (H) mm
Pixel Number - QVGA (320 x 240)
Backlight - 700 cd/m2 typical


Steering modes - STBY, Auto, Dodge, NFU (Non-follow up), Turn, Advanced auto*, Navigation*, FishHunterTM*, Override*external data required
Sea Condition Adjustment - Auto/Manual-Calm/Moderate/Rough
Alarm - Deviation alarm, Watch alarm


Ports - NMEA2000 x1, CAN bus x1 (DBW control)/Control signal x3, Bluetooth
Input - 059392/904, 060160/416/928, 061184, 065240,126208/464/720/992/996, 127237/250/258, 128259,129025/026/029/283/284/285/538, 130577/818/821/827/841
Output - 059392/904, 060928, 126208/464/720/993/996/998, 127237/245, 130816/821/822/823/827/841


Processor Unit - IP55
Control Unit - IP56
Gesture Controller - IP65/67


Power Supply - Processor Unit 12-24 VDC 0.22 A max.  Control Unit 15 VDC 0.29 A max. Gesture Controller 3 VDC, Dry cell battery (AAA, 2 pcs)