White EuroLED Touch Lamps White Shroud

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2JA 959 950-521
2JA 959 950-521
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Hella Red / White EuroLED Touch Lamp 

Advanced LED lamps with touch sensitive switching. Power saving and ultra durable. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, EuroLED® Touch lamps provide red / white light using the latest completely sealed touch sensitive technology.

Lighting control is beautifully simple.

Touch the colour pad for red or blue light, the white pad for white light.

On the dual colour versions, hold your finger on the pad for more than two seconds and the lamp will cycle through four dimming levels.

Release your finger on the light level required. 

Dual colour EuroLED® Touch lamps can also be remotely operated from multiple points with ‘off the shelf’ ON/OFF/ON momentary switches. 

Holding one of the external switches for two seconds will synchronise the lamps to the same dimming level. 

Light levels are ‘remembered’ by the lamps circuitry, even when a vessel’s batteries are turned off.

The lamp will always turn on at the colour intensity previously set, regardless of power interruption.

EuroLED® Touch current draw is 4W on white (0.33A @ 12V) and less than 1.5W on red or blue (less than 0.125A @ 12V) to provide significant power savings. 

Glare diffusion without light loss is important with any LED lamp to maintain efficiency and safety, particularly with powerful lamps such as the EuroLED® series.

Without the protection of advanced optics, significant eye strain can result from periods of looking directly into a powerful LED point source.

Advanced Hella marine lens technology provides a safe, smooth and uniform light pattern, without glare or discomfort.

The durability of EuroLED® Touch lamps is outstanding.

Each lamp is completely waterproof, impact and shock resistant, for an ultra long service life.

MultivoltTM circuitry provides consistent illumination across a range of input voltages from 9-33 DC, even under severe voltage fluctuations.