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NEW FLIR M300 Series marine cameras

Posted by FLIR on 26th Sep 2019

We are pleased to announce the release of the FLIR M300 Series marine cameras. The successor to the industry-leading M-Series, the M300 Series deliver all-new awareness-enhancing technologies, safer navigation, and seamless integration with onboard systems.

The new M300 Series consists of five models featuring rugged and robust new pan and tilt housings – four models with the FLIR Boson™ 640 or 320 thermal camera cores, plus a new HD low-light visible-only model with 30X zoom. M300 Series also brings the introduction of FLIR Colour Thermal Vision™ to the marine industry. This multi-spectral imaging technology blends thermal and high-definition visible colour video for enhanced identification of buoys, vessels, and other targets at night.