Chiller Fish Bags

The Mini, Midi and Maxi Chiller Fish bags

The Mini, Midi and Maxi Chiller Fish bags are designed to store your fish catch in a hygenic environment ensuring fresher, long lasting fish.

All the Chiller Fish Bags are

  • This insulated bag hold ice for days
  • Ideal for boats small or large
  • Flared bottom ensures standing 
  • Insulated with 1/2" dense foam
  • UV Resitant
  • Mildew Resistant
  • Drain spout
  • Filler spout for easy cleaning
  • Folding for easy storage

Mini Bag Dimensions in mm: 1000(L)x400(H)x200(base)

Midi Bag Dimensions in mm: 1500(L)x400(H)x200(base)

Maxi Bag Dimensions in mm: 2000(L)x600(H)x400(base)






chiller-fish-bag-drain.jpg chiller-fish-bag-zipper.jpg
Drain and Filler Bung Waterproof Zipper
chiller-fish-bags-folded.jpg mini-midi-chiller-fish-bag.jpg
Fold for easy storage Midi and Mini Chiller fish bags
maxi-with-tuna-sailfish.jpg midi-with-50kg-tuna.jpg 
 mini.jpg  maxi.jpg