Connector Guide

This page shows close-ups of the different connectors used by Airmar on transducer and adapter cables. Each connector is designed to fit the sonar equipment of a specific manufacturer or brand. Some brands will have more than one standard connector for different classes of transducer (e.g. conventional 50/200kHz vs. CHIRP) in order to avoid the use of incompatible units.

Airmar previously shipped transducers in many different variants, each with a fixed cable ending in a specific connector. This caused difficulties when an owner wished to change the brand of their sounder, as the connector would no longer fit. Airmar has now moved to a Mix and Match (MM) system, where transducers are made in a common base model with a cable ending in a standard connector of Airmar's design. A full range of adapter cables is available, each one converting the Airmar MM connector to a specific brand connector. Customers and installers with such a system need only change the adapter cable when switching equipment brand.

Connectors are given a short alphanumeric name, and transducer packages include that name to indicate the brand compatibility of the product. For example, a B260-10F is a B260 MM base transducer and cable, plus a 10F adapter cable for Furuno 10-pin equipment. A B260-8G is the same transducer packaged with a Garmin 8-pin adapter cable.

Connectors may be male or female, depending on the design of the connector socket in the back of the sounder. Note that some connectors do not use all available pin positions.

Airmar proprietary connectors used only in Mix and Match adapter cables are shown at the bottom of this page.


10F - Furuno 10-pin

10N Northstar 10-pin

11R Raymarine 11-pin

12G Garmin 12-pin Orange

14HB Humminbird 14-pin

2 Raymarine ST50

21HB Humminbird 21-pin

3 Furuno/Fiji 3-pin

6DOGarmin 6-pin Depth-Only

6G Garmin 6-pin Depth/Speed/Temp

6N Navman/Northstar 6-pin

JRC/Simrad 7-pin

8F Furuno 8-pin

8G Garmin 8-pin Blue

8S Si-Tex 8-pin

9N Navico 9-pin

BB Standard Horizon 8-pin

BL Lowrance/Simrad 7-pin Blue

FISO Raymarine ST60

HB Humminbird #9

RAY Raymarine DSM

RAYA Raymarine 6/9-pin

5P Male Airmar 5-pin for MM 600W Cables

5P Female Airmar 5-pin for MM 600W Cables

9P Male Airmar 9-pin for MM1 1kW Cables

9P Female Airmar 9-pin for MM1 1kW Cables

12P Male Airmar 12-pin for MMC CHIRP Cables


12P Female Airmar 12-pin for MMC CHIRP Cables