Furuno 82B 35R Transducer (no plug)

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Furuno 82B 35R Transducer

Furuno 82B 35R Transducer with wide bandwidth Frequency, designed to be used with the FCV295, FCV292*, FCV1100, FCV1150, FCV1200, DFF3 and BBFF3 Units.

  • 65kHz - 110kHz frequency
  • 2kW Power
  • When used with the FCV1100 or FCV1200 Sensitivity remains high even if Frequency is shifter +/- 10% for interference adjustment
  • Beam angle becomes sharper at higher frequencies - 68kHz - 12.5°, 88kHz - 9.6°, 107kHz - 7.7°
  • Rugged FRP construction - tank mounted
  • Supplied with 15m Cable, no connector - can be extended to 30m
  • Compatible with 88B-10 &100B-10R Tank
  • *Only for use at 88kHz with FCV292


Country Of Manufacture - Japan

Physical Dimensions - 130mW x 55mmH

Transducer Cable Length - 15m

Transmit Power - 2kW

Mounting Options - In-Hull

Plug - Bare wires

Warranty - 1 year

Down Imaging (Transducer Dependant) - None

Side Imaging (Transducer Dependant) - None