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Hella Apelo A2 RGB Underwater Light - Aluminum

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Apelo A2 White & Blue Underwater Light

Turn up the party, select the mood, switch on the fish magnets.
Apelo underwater lighting brilliance by Hella marine lets you do it all.

Optical intelligence is the heart of Hella marine lighting. Apelo introduces a precision engineered optical distribution system, efficiently capturing and projecting light. Apelo also features an asymmetric light pattern with a narrow vertical angle to focus light efficiently below the waterline. The result is a wide horizontal spread of color across the water with spectacular effect.

Select between incredibly intense white or vibrant blue for amazing illumination experiences, or Apelo's Edge Light mode for distinctive glowing signatures of elegant illumination bordering the lamp face.

Lighting Modes:
Intense Edge Light Illumination
Intense white - continuous
Intense white - 'Fish Mode' strobe
Incredibly vibrant blue - continuous
Incredibly vibrant blue - 'Fish Mode' strobe
To switch to the next function, simply power the lamp off and on again quickly.

Intense White and Vibrant Blue Illumination
Edge Light Technology
Optical Intelligence: Wide horizontal illumination with a narrow vertical angle for spectacular effect.
Corrosion resistant, hard anodized aluminum housing, and Grilamid high strength optical nylon lens.
Completely sealed and electronically protected robust surface mount design.
Advanced thermal management, ensuring ongoing protection and no damage by operation out of the water.
Suitable for aluminum hulls that are not permanently submerged.
Available in Charcoal or white front.


  • Plastic housing 1800 lumens
  • Bronze housing 3000 lumens

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