Lowrance / Simrad LiveSight Transducer With Mounts

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Lowrance / Simrad LiveSight Transducer With Mounts

Lowrance and Simrad LiveSight Transducer With Mounts turns all fishing into sight fishing on any angle and is ideal for drop shotting, vertical jigging or tracking bait in front of you.

  • Allows fishing sight in real time, letting you see how the Fish are reacting to your bait in high detail
  • When facing forward, you can see exactly how your lure is landing and all the movement around
  • Mounted downwards the LiveSight Transducer provides real time as well as traditional Sonar views, eliminating the need for multiple transducers
  • Removes any guesswork from how you see around and under your position
  • Lets you see where Fish are actively feeding and how they're moving in and around structure
  • Works exclusively on HDS Live fishfinder/plotters, as well as HDS Carbon with PSI-1 Module option (ESA7959)
  • NSS evo3 fishfinder/plotters can also be connected but will require PSI-1 Module, NSO evo3 will require a SonarHub in addition for LiveSight compatibility
  • 9-Pin connector
  • Includes Forward looking Trolling motor mount, Down looking Trolling motor mount, Down looking Transom mount

Transducer Mounting kit includes:

  • Forward looking trolling motor mount
  • Down looking trolling motor mount
  • Down looking transom mount