R2 Outrigger Release Clips Pair

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Developed in the USA to fish from ultra light to heavy line classes & any bait or lure size the R2 Outrigger Release clips are a mirror set, designed to be crimped in place on outrigger halyards.

An innovative design with a tough tension mechanism to allow precise tension levels.


  • Mirror set with port & starboard clips (marked 'P" & "S" on back of clip)
  • Unique design allows the clip to swivel downward facing for free release
  • Highly polished, large diameter arm means no chafing of line
  • Easily adjustable tension mechanism allows precision levels of tension from ultra light to heavy, including large baits
  • Developed by Capt Ray Rosher in USA to accommodate the wide range of tackle without the need for multiple clips and floss loops.