SIMRAD LOWRANCE Outboard AutoPilot Cable Steer Pack

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SIMRAD LOWRANCE  Outboard AutoPilot Cable Steer Pack

Outboard Pilot - Product Description

Outboard Pilot is an HDS Autopilot add-on system designed for boats up to 30ft with single outboard motor. System packs contain everything you need to fit an Autopilot to Hydraulic or Cable steer outboard motors.

Key Features

  • All new HDS AutoPilot user interface available on HDS Gen 2 and Gen Touch models
  • Easy to install, available in both Hydraulic and Cable Steer systems
  • Dash mount button for one-touch Auto/Standby activation
  • Steer to Heading, Course or Route
  • Automatic Turn patterns
  • NAC-1 Plug & Socket connectors - no screw terminals or wire stripping necessary
  • High efficiency, super-quiet 0.8L hydraulic gear pump
  • Add a second Hels station to a boat using the HDS power steer commands - no need for additional Hydraulics + steering wheel 

The Lowrance Outboard Autopilot Hydraulic pack includes the following

  • Point 1 Heading and GPS sensor
  • NAC-1 Autopilot computer
  • HELM-1 Cable steer helm drive unit
  • Standby-Auto button
  • Micro-C network components