XSONIC SS75H Stainless Steel 0 degree Tilt (9 pin black)

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XSONIC SS75H Stainless Steel 0 degree Tilt

The SS75H is a Stainless Steel, thru-hull, tilted, high-frequency (130-210kHz), depth and temperature transducer. The ceramic element is tilted for built-in deadrise compensation, giving excellent echo returns for more accurate depth readings.

Key Features


  • CHIRP transducers enable bottom detection with 5 to 10 times greater detail and resolution so precise it’s possible to distinguish between individual baitfish, game fish, and underwater structures.


  • Calculates how deep the water is, so that you can avoid running aground, whilst also incorporating a temperature sensor for accurate water temperature readings.

Easy To Install

High Frequency

  • CHIRP range is 130kHz-210kHz for good target detail in shallow water and excellent bottom tracking in deep water.

Highly Accurate

  • Provides extremely accurate data.

0° Tilt

  • The 12° tilt is ideal for boats with a 0° to 14° hull deadrise.

Low Profile

  • The low profile housing minimises drag with just 5mm extending outside of the hull.

Plug & Play Connection

  • Easily connect to NSS Evo3, Lowrance