Furuno FCV-1150 Echo Sounder

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Furuno FCV-1150 Echo Sounder 12.1 inchColour LCD - No Transducer

Furuno FCV1150 is a color digital sounder designed for and used by a variety of professional fishing operations. It’s high-brightness 12.1” color LCD with AR coated glass filter provides superior, glare-free viewing even in direct sunlight.

  • Screen: 12.1 inch VGA 8/16/64 Colour 800x600 pixels
  • Output power: 1, 2 or 3kw via Transducer selection - Contact Us for Transducer Selection
  • Faster Transmission Rate: The rate of transmission has been greatly increased by more than 30% compared with Current conventional Fish finders. As a result, more detailed information about underwater conditions can be gained in the same Sounding interval. The FCV1150 also incorporates new transmission technique that automatically switches the echo transmission rate according to the depth of the Sounding area. Transmission speed is raised in shallow waters and lowered in deep waters, providing more detailed detection of seabed and targets.
  • Quick Gain Setting: The Gain setting for all of the echoes on the screen can be adjusted by rotating the Gain knob. Because all of the visible echoes on the screen are adjusted with the Gain settings, the correct setting for virtually any situation can be quickly and easily determined.
  • White Edge: The top of the seabed is displayed in white to show seabed structure. This function also helps to discriminate between bottom Fish and seabed.



  • Display unit - 12.1 inch 
  • Pixel number - 800W x 600V
  • Screen Brightness - 1100 nits

 Fish Finder

  • Frequency - The synthesized trans-receiver works with dual frequencies in 28 to 200 kHz
  • Transducer - 1, 2 or 3 kW
  • Range Scale - 5-3000 m
  • Pulselength & PRR - 20-3000 pulse/min
  • Display Mode - Single (HF/LF), Dual, Single+Zoom, two Custom modes, Zoom mode (Bottom lock, Bottom zoom, Marker zoom), Mix mode, Nav data, A-scope


  • Waterproofing - IP55 (When flush mounted)
  • Power Supply - 12-24 VDC: 3.3-1.7 A. 100/110/220/230 VAC, optional rectifier required
  • Transmit Power - 1-3 kW
  • NMEA0183 Compatibility - Yes
  • Mounting Options - Bracket Mount and Flush-mount
  • WiFi Connectivity - None
  • Warranty - 2 Years
  • Operating Frequency - 28KHz, 38KHz, 50KHz, 68KHz, 82KHz, 88KHz, 107KHz, 150KHz, 200KHz
  • Side Imaging (Transducer Dependant) - None
  • Output Power - 1-3kW RMS
  • Water Temperature - Yes
  • Size - 356mmW x 345mmH x 158mmD (bracket mount); 320mmW x 320mmH x 120mmD (flush mount)
  • Weight - Bracket Mount: 8.2kg Flush Mount: 6.8kg