How to Integrate FLIR M232 with Simrad Evo3

How to Integrate FLIR M232 with Simrad Evo3

Thanks to the latest software update 20.0 from Simrad, you can now integrate FLIR M232 cameras with Simrad NSS evo3 and NSO evo3.

All you'll need is an RJ45 interface cable (for $48 - see related products below) - and to download the 20.0 update here:

• NSS Evo3 update 20.0

• NSO Evo3 update 20.0

FLIR M232 Thermal IP camera is a full-featured thermal camera with pan and tilt housing for horizon-to-horizon viewing, 360 degrees in both vertical and horizontal planes.

M232 improves your safety by showing vessels and obstacles at night and giving you a 360 degree view while >Underway.

Evo3 will now be able to support video and control from one FLIR M232 camera over Ethernet.