Lowrance LSS2 StructureScan HD + Transducer (Discontinued)

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Lowrance Structurescan HD

In the past boaters and anglers had to choose between further range with less resolution or less range with better resolution- NOT ANYMORE. With a single frequency StructureScan® HD can ranger further with better resolution than ever before! Example:

  • The original Structure Scan(LSS-1) in 10 ft.. of water could cover 60 ft.. to each side- now you can cover 120ft!
  • The new SideScan max range is 600 ft.. over the previous 500 ft.. max.
  • Deep water fishermen will see the most improvement in definition . We were able to improve our max depth and range of the LSS-1 and DOUBLED the definition in

water over 50ft.

How we improved the range and resolution

To get better resolution-

  • Narrower slice of the water column
  • Front to back slice is 3.2 degrees vs. 6 degrees of LSS-1(@455kHz -10 db.)
  • To narrow the beam angle the transducer length was increased

To get more range:

Use only the lower frequency and modified the hardware inside the module.

What makes our scanning system the best

  • We are the only solution with TRUE DownScan combined with SideScan
  • Our transducer has dedicated DownScan elements that look directly below the boat
  • The competition makes you choose between a Side Imaging system or a Down Imaging system- you get the best of both with StructureScan™HD
  • Two transducer system
  • We don’t combine our 83/200 kHz into the Structure Scan transducer because most boats mount the 83/200 kHz transducer where it can perform best at high speeds.

This flexibility allows StructureScan® transducer to be mounted at a higher location to protect it from debris. We include everything you need for a typical

install. To make the competition’s product perform at high speed you need to mount the transducer in harms way or PURCHASE an additional 83/200 kHz transducer PLUS